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Rent a Tiger with an experienced production crew and trainers to create stunning videos and
photoshoots for your production. We provide the best trained Tigers and Lions and other big cats
along with highly skilled licensed trainers and helpful creative crew to help you with every detail.
For an immediate booking with the best prices in the USA and VIP service CALL: 714-745-7321  

We are your source for renting a monkey or other exotic animal for a party or corporate event. Our Tiger are very well behaved.

A Tiger or other animal is available for movie work performing in film or video for the motion picture and television industry as well as live appearances at corporate events, a wedding, a meeting, a party, and any kind of production work in the entertainment industries.

We provide complete video productioon and photography services with exotic animals and are experts in Animal productions.


We can also produce or shoot your video or commercial using Tigers, and other exotic animals. Call us about producing your photo shoot or video shoot featuring a Tiger. We will produce shoot and edit a complete television commercial for you for a very reasonable rate featuring the location, sets, props, voice actors, music, a Tiger, Lion, Leopard, parrots, and a full camera crew that can shoot in HD, UHD and 3D. We can produce your commercial within any budget. Call 714-745-7321 for a video production. We can deliver on time and save you time and money no matter where you are located.  We provide on demand green screen animal footage to your specifications and direction from our LA location to save you money and will assist you with your local production needs for any kind of production including video editing and music.

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Tiger for Rent for a Party or Production
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MORE RENTAL DETAILS - - Call for more information.                                                


Check with your county authorities for location and permit requirements. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED

Tigerfor rent or hire
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tiger for rent or hire
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