We can not provide Chimps or Chimpanzees to events or parties or any other form of interstate commerce. We support efforts to alert the public to the endangered status of all Chimpanzees in the world. We support the new rules under the Endangered Species Act so that the public understands the extent of the endangered status of all Chimps in the wild or in captivity. Check your local regulations and with US Fish and Game. We do provide monkeys and a selection of Primates, other exotic animals for your event or film, photo or video production EMAIL for details. All the animals are very experienced with all types of production and live events. Do Not Call - Email Only - EMAIL with all your information to inquire about animals to: info@piratesforparties.com

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Chimpanzees for Video and Movie Production

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Above: A last embace with a dear friend Bentley, who is now living with his brother Kenzy and extended family in a large Chimp Sanctuary. - Below: working with Kenzy

We can produce your complete video or television commercial from beginning to end featuring monkeys, and other exotic animals. EMAIL US us about producing your Photo shoot or video shoot featuring a monkey. We will produce, shoot and edit a complete television commercial for you for a very reasonable rate featuring the location, sets, props, voice actors, music, with a monkey, and a full camera crew that can shoot in HD and 3D. We can produce your commercial within any budget. We can deliver on time and save you time and money no matter where you are located.  We are experts in green screen and all aspects of production and pre production using animals, www.info@piratesforparties.com

We can provide handle all production and post production. Call us today for your commercial or video