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Pop Up Production Services in California

We offer turnkey Pop Up  production services to corporate brands and other pop up designers to create unique experiences that connect consumers to brands in unforgettable ways.

Pirates for Parties is a one stop shop for all pop up production needs. We take care of every detail from start to finish.

We are experts in Guerilla Activations for Corporate Clients and Social Media stars. We design and produce pop ups, shows, special events, and live marketing campaigns for your brand.

We  provide concept ideation and design for all our clients and we design and build our own props and set pieces in house and we will build out the entire pop up environment.

Our Event Planning services are second to none. We provide detailed design, planning and management services,  furniture rental, floral displays, lighting, sound, special effects, specialty entertainers, exotic animals, custom art and graphics, show production, prop rentals, music production, construction and logistics, staffing, catering, signage and custom attractions for any theme and any location.

Our team are experts at tackling the most challenging projects.

Our extensive experience and unrivaled creativity translates into seamless and fast execution of your Brand awareness program into a crowd appealing Pop Up experience that will generate exposure on all social media platforms.

Management - We handle every detail that goes into making a Pop UP experience or Pop Up Shop. We find the best locations and secure short term rentals, permits, insurance and inspections, then we quickly transform the space into your unique Pop Up store or Brand Experience.

Our expert team of artisans provides flawless execution in a short time because rent on the space can be pricey and we work fast to keep our Client's cost down whenever possible for the best ROI.

There are no limits on your ideas; we can make it happen. Looking for ideas? Call us we love to create one of a kind experiences.

No matter how over the top, we can make it happen. We get called for the most difficult and most unusual projects. We are known for EPIC scale props, productions and events.

Let us show you some of the ways we can create a one of a kind  Brand Enhancing Pop Up for your Company.

Types of Pop Ups We Do

Movie Tie In Pop Ups are a great way to build excitment for feature films and televison shows.

New Products Pop Ups introduce consumers to new brands and new products and can build customers for life.

New Product Retails Sales Pop Ups are a great way to test consumer tastes and preferences for new products or new offereings of well known brands.

Product Testing Pop Ups can give a company valuable product data and build brand awareness at the same time.

Tradeshow Pop Ups provide brand awareness and make an excellent party location.

Art Installation Pop Ups create exclusivity and mega awareness for Artists and galleries.

Food and Dining Pop Ups create a unique dining experiences in places that can generate brand identity and lifelong customers

A Community Awareness Pop Up can provide safey training and educational experiences to entire communities.

There is NO LImit to what you can do with a creative Pop Up - Call Us Today

714-745-7321 - info@piratesforparties.com