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When you reserve your pirate entertainer he will contact you prior to the event to go over details with you. It is best to keep the Captain's impending arrival a secret to maximize the effect when he arrives at the party and begins his act. Jack does not bring decorations with him. He does bring two rubber swords he uses for sword training. ( call for info on parrots )

You need to prepare the treasure hunt in advance. Get a box or chest that is not familiar to your family and place some goodie bags inside, one for every child invited plus six bags extra. Place items inside the bags that you can get at Oriental Trading.com. In each bag place 2 strings razzle dazzle beads, 1plastic ring, 6 shiny gold plastic coins, and a Ring Pop's candy. Place the bags in the box, place loose extra items on top and hide the box where it can't be seen. Keep the whole thing a secret. Tell the pirate where it is hidden discretely when he arrives. He will bring up going on a treasure hunt to the kids during his routine.

Birthday Party Details

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What Happens at a Children's Pirate Party?
sword fighting game and sword training at a pirate theme birthday party
treasure hunt with Captain Parrot Jack a satirical parody of  Captain Jack  at a pirate theme children's birthday party

When Jack walks in he is calling out to the birthday child by name. The kids start to gather around as the adults watch and he launches into his routine. After quizzing the guests as to why they are at the event he declares that the party is not just a birthday but the most important day in a pirate's life. For all the people present are now honored to witness the ceremony where the birthday child becomes pirate royalty, and a pirate captain by default because Jack must relinquish his command as long as he is in the presence of the birthday child. After a few tries at giving orders by the bithday child, Jack has all the guests recite the pirate oath.

When all the kids have become full fledged pirate crew, Jack asks if any pirates want to go on a treasure hunt. All the kids agree and Jack produces his magic directional device. Jack and the birthday child hold the device and lead the kids to find the hidden treasure. When the treasure is found Jack hands out the bags as the kids scramble to grab the loose items.

After all the treasure is distributed Jack and the birthday child pirate captain decide to teach the crew sword fighting. Jack asks the kids if they want to learn sword fighting and they all agree to do it.

All the kids line up like a crew on a deck of a ship, Jack and the birthday child captain stand before them. He has a rubber sword and hands one to the birthday child and he begins the Pirate Tutorial. Jack and the birthday child demonstrate a basic fencing lunge and deflecting the lunge, then they demonstrate the basic saber techniques. During the whole time Jack is getting poked with the rubber sword by the birthday child. Getting flustered Jack has a championship match with the birthday child to determine the party's sword fighting champion. Jack continues to get out swashbuckled by the birthday child and eventually concedes defeat and the birthday child is declared champion.

Jack decides to test all the crew and tells the kids that they will all be tested on their sword fighting skills. They don't have to worry though because the test is really a game and the object is for them to poke Jack in the belly to win and prevent Jack from poking them. All the kids in line then take turns sword fighting Captain Jack. They thoroughly enjoy it because they always win. Jack keeps getting poked in the belly.

The sword fighting game will continue on until the kids drop if you let them. So when you reach the end of an hour, which is Jack's allotted time for the basic package, you want to bring out the cake so Jack has a reason to get the kids to stop the sword fighting game. Jack will get the kids to sing happy birthday and then pose for family pictures with the birthday child's family and guests. Pay Jack in cash when he is done.

When scheduling Jack have him arrive an hour after you start the party, so he is in the middle of the event and all your guests have arrived. -- Call us for information about parrots at the party