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jack sparrow in denver colorado skiing down to a pirate theme party

Our Jack is a satirical parody of Jack Sparrow* and other pirates, our pirate entertainers are for hire all over the United States
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Some of the cities we serve in Colorado are Golden, Colorado Springs  and Denver, Aspen, Colorado CO
We will travel anywhere in the USA.

Let Captain Jack provide pirate themed entertainment to entertain your guests at a pirate party or special corporate event in Denver, Colorado Springs, and the surrounding areas in Denver. For the ultimate pirate party or an unforgettable event in Denver, hire our professional Captain Jack Sparrow* impersonator for your very special occasion. Jack is always a hit at every event he appears. All of our Jack Sparrow impersonators are experienced actors and entertainers and will bring the captain alive at your event. Adults and kids of all ages love Jack and interacting with him in various piratical activities. Jack is a perfect choice for a fun children's birthday party or any kind of party or corporate event in Colorado. EMAIL US - READ MORE DETAILS about kids parties

Get the best pirate entertainer for your corporate event or pirate themed party in Colorado call us at 1-714-745-7321

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